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InSolutions has developed a platform technology that will be groundbreaking for the chemical industry. The technology is a perfect fit with the worldwide trend in the chemical industry towards process intensification, whereby production can be achieved more effectively and efficiently with the aid of micro-reactors.

Micro reactor
Micro reactor

The Chemical Transistor technology significantly reduces energy and raw material consumption in catalytic chemical processes, contributing to the aim of the chemical industry to achieve ‘Green Chemistry’. The technology makes it possible to manage and control a chemical process by means of accurately dosed pulses of energy. As a consequence, the technology provides complete control over the progress of the reaction and productivity. Apart from the normal losses, the applied energy is used directly to initiate reactions. This means that supplied energy is used very efficiently. Unlike conventional chemical processes, the course of the reaction is no longer determined by the statistical energy distribution of molecules; instead, it is determined by targeted and carefully dosed energy delivered to the place where the reactions occur.

The main advantages of using this technology are:
  • Higher productivity of process through high level of selectivity in product formation;
  • Substantially increased energy efficiency;
  • Reduction in capital costs because capacity is made scalable;
  • Improved productivity of the catalysts;
  • Lower CO2 and other emissions due to increase in process efficiency;
  • Possibility to produce products that cannot be produced using conventional chemical processing;
  • Solution for process scaling;
  • Minimization of risks to health, safety and the environment.

    Stackable micro processors for large capacity
    Stackable micro processors for large capacity

    Our vision

    The Chemical transistor technology, as a consequence of its generic principles, can be applied to numerous catalytically enhanced chemical production processes. The advantages of the technology perfectly fit with the industrial call for Green Chemistry, that strives the chemical industry to:

    • reduce waste and eliminate costly end-of-pipe treatments;
    • increase conversion rates;
    • minimize intermediate processing and material recycling;
    • produce products safer;
    • reduce use of energy and resources;
    • improve competitiveness of chemical manufacturers and their customers.

    The  mission of InSolutions is to get its patented technology applied to as many chemical processes as possible; saving energy, raw material and avoiding health and safety risks.

    Production of synthetic fuel is one of the most promising options. We consider it as our mission to have the technology used for the production of synthetic hydrocarbons, high energy containing fuels. By doing so, we contribute to stopping depletion of our fossil fuel reserves and non renewable raw material sources. At the same time we help reduce CO2 production.

    We are convinced that our Chemical Transistor technology can make the change from both an environmental and financial point of view. The Chemical Transistor technology is a key contributor to sustainability: for your company and for our ecosphere.
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